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Picktorial is a powerful, smooth, and intuitive photo editor that provides exceptional tools for enhancing and retouching photos - built exclusively for Mac.

With carefully designed workflow and innovative technology, we made Picktorial the ultimate tool for every photographer to intuitively organize and enhance photos.

Picktorial provides a rich array of tools, all of which operate in a fully non-destructive manner and with live preview.


Editing Tools:

Selectively adjust tone and color of specific regions, edit portraits with exceptional frequency-separation-based skin brush, remove spots, blemishes and unwanted objects with the Patch tool, blur out destructive backgrounds, give a personal touch with custom texture overlays and much more.

Safely experiment with new ideas - everything is non-destructive:

Change your very first edits without undoing the latest ones. Your edits are saved between sessions so you can always go back - even when Picktorial is used as a Photos extension. All of these benefits come with a super-small file size!

RAW editing:

A GPU-based RAW processing engine for maximum quality and performance drives a super smooth workflow, where you never need to commit before making further edits. Picktorial supports more than 500 cameras and DCP color profiles for compatibility with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Intuitive workflow, beautiful user interface:

Instantly import your photos with a single step drag-and-drop, and use star-rating and keywords to manage them. Picktorial offers a catalog-free workflow by automatically monitoring referenced folders. This eliminates the time-consuming import process and saves the hassle in backing up and syncing a catalog. It also makes it much easier to backup your photos using any solution like Time-Machine or Dropbox. You can also use Picktorial as an extension to macOS Photos, and you can natively browse your Aperture libraries without converting them.

The full feature list is here.

Purchasing FAQ


Licenses do not expire and include free maintenance updates for one year. You can continue using Picktorial after the year of free updates ends. You can purchase a new license if you'd like to get updates after a year.

Buying for someone else

Licenses can be purchased for someone else by clicking the gift icon at checkout. The giftee will get an email with the license keys, and you’ll get one with the invoice.

Multiple-user keys

Purchasing with a quantity of more than one will give you one license key that can be used by the number of people you purchased for.


You can generate an invoice by clicking the link in the email you'll receive after purchase.

Minimum System Requirements

Picktorial requires a Mac from 2011 or later, with macOS 10.11.6 or later.

You can also buy Picktorial on the Mac App Store.

Questions? Email us at support@picktorial.com

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macOS 10.10 or later
English, German, French
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